Questions to visitors


Questions to visitors 

This website on the British Neracar Model A is based upon the restoration of my own motorcycle and the available documentation.
Many things are missing however; photographs of particular parts, dimensions, clear Factory Drawings, etc. Besides that, the website will certainly contain errors.

 In order to ultimately have a source of information about this motorcycle, owners, specialists and other interested individuals are requested to give their input, in order to improve this source of information to a level where is (almost) complete and without errors.
Some of you have given their contributions already; their information is included with a reference to their name.

 Some action points are for myself; these are trailed by (BG)

  1-Frame-172-Gusset, Front Stand, RH
I am not sure what the difference is between 172-Gusset, RH and 173-Gusset, LH on the one hand and 112-Support, Silencer, on the other hand.

 Frame Assy
It is unclear to me what PN 138-Stop, Change Speed Segment is.

 Exhaust  Assy
175-Distance Piece, Silencer
, 176-Distance Piece, Silencer and 177-Distance Piece, Silencer, are lacking. Anyone has photographs and dimensions?

 2a-Steering Assy
It is not clear what 226A-Cap, Steering Post Brace, LH  and 226B-Cap Steering Post Base, RH are. One of them is probably what I call “Steering Clamp”. Anyone has photographs and dimensions?

 205-Front Fender
229-Packing, Front Fender Base is missing. Anyone has a picture?

2b-Rear Fender
 It is unclear what 262-Cleat, Rear Fender & Cradle is.

 S.A. 800 A Saddle Assembly
On page 23 figure 18 of “Neracar Motoring on two wheels and list of spare parts” it can be seen that the Saddle Assembly S.A. 800 A is at the rear side fixed to the saddle support. It cannot be unlatched like with the Model B.

Is there any Model A owner who van confirm this?

249-Splash Guard
We do have photographs of Splash Guards for Model B and Model C and of the shape and dimensions of the Rexine of Model A.

An original Model A 249-Splash Guard frame is wanted for taking photographs and dimensions of.

  6 Engine Assy
Photograph and dimensions wanted of 654-Clip, HT. Wire

Is there anyone who knows what the holes in the piston skirt are for?

  656 Funnel
Anyone who has an original funnel, please provide me with more details, more photographs and more dimensions, for an update of this section.

 7-Fuel Tank Assy
It looks like 706-Valve differs from Drawing 700-Fuel System, Assembly.
The bands around the tank and the leather strips are not original.

261-Cleat, Fuel Tank Cradle
is not present. Photograph with dimension wanted.

It would be great if someone could provide me with a readable copy of Drawing 800-Igniter and detailed photographs, depicting all parts. Eternal fame will be his/her destiny.

All readers are encouraged to provide me with any lacking information, to be included in this website:
Drawing 6a-Carburettor is missing (if it exists anyway)
Drawing 8-Accessories is missing.
Better quality copies with a higher resolution and better readability of most Drawings is requested.

Excel Parts Lists
Readers are encouraged to send me photographs (with dimensions) of missing parts.


Please E-mail me for information

Ben Geutskens                                                      July 9, 2012