Pictorial Parts List
Start 1-Frame. 2a-Front Fender 2b-Rear Fender 3a-Front Wheel 3b-Rear Wheel 4-Cross Shaft 5-Controls 6-Engine 6a-Carburettor 7-Fuel Tank 8-Accessories 9-Igniter





Pictorial Parts List

The Pictorial Parts List of the Neracar Model A, 1922 has been set up to give owners of this peculiar vehicle detailed information about the construction of this motorcycle, to enable them to make replica's of missing parts.

Basically, the information comes from my own Model A with Frame Number S2412 and Engine Number 2173. Where relevant, information of other Model A’s has also been used:

Owner Frame # Engine # Flywheel # Licence #
Spare engine   1108 2072 Z  
Martin Philp 2217 2213 1798 Z SG5568
Yesterday’s MC     2057 Z  
Ben Geutskens S2412 2173 3107 Z ZF-60-81
Tony Dymott       XF9215
Paolo Orlando    997  1054 ABZ  
John Mills        

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