Excel Parts Lists
Start 100-Frame Assy 200-Fenders & Pans 300-Wheels Assembly 400-Cross Shaft Assy 500-Controls Assembly 600-Engine 6a-Carburettor 700-Fuel System Assy 800-Accessories 900-Igniter


Excel Parts Lists

For easy readability, the Parts Lists, which are found along the right edge of the actual Drawings, have, after verification, been typed over into Excel Sheets.
These Excel Parts Lists give the information from the original Drawings, as well as from the Instruction Book. The information from the Drawings is in many cases not identical to that of the Instruction Booklet, but both are listed.
Tick marks indicate which Part Numbers have been verified on the actual Drawing (in fact almost all). By this I mean the encircled Part Numbers with the straight lines pointing to the Parts in the Drawing.

The right column “PN on website” shows which PN’s can be found back in the photographs of the Pictorial Parts List. The goal, which has not yet been achieved, is to have 100% coverage.

Readers are encouraged to send me photographs (with dimensions) of missing parts.