My Neracar Model A
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My Neracar Model A from 1922 .


Frame number S2412, engine number 2173

Peculiar characteristics.
The Neracar Model A, built in 1922, has a few peculiar characteristics, amongst others:
Engine: Sheffield Simplex, 2-stroke, 255 cc
Frame: two Side Rails connected by a transverse Spacer Tube and Bolt.
Gear and Clutch: Friction Drive.
Electrical installation: 4 Volt
Head Lamps: At the LH side an Acetylene Lamp, at the RH side an electric Lamp. Both have the same shape.
Tail Lamp: An integrated acetylene/electric lamp

Purchase through Internet.
I found my Neracar Model A in August 2010 I on the Internet. It was for sale in Spain and, apart from the front light and taillight, the motorbike looked quite original and complete. I recently had obtained my knowledge of the Neracar by reading Ken Philps book, which certainly contains sufficient information to judge originality and completeness.

‘Dear Lord’.
My communication with the seller, who spoke only Spanish, took place through Google-Translate. To test the correctness of the translation, I entered some English texts into Google-Translate and the Spanish outcome was entered again, to be translated back to English. I could understand the final text, which gave sufficient confidence to start the communication with my new Spanish friend. Although the English translations were not perfect (e-mails started wit “Dear lord”), I could pretty well understand the e-mails from Spain, as he could understand mine. 


A Spaniard called ‘Pedro’.
We made the deal and Pedro, the owner, shipped the motorcycle by DHL to The Netherlands, where it arrived a few days later.

I opened the large crate, observed my new toy and was not disappointed at all.
Pedro and his Company appeared to be a reliable partner in business.


Lose bolts and nuts.
As it was said to be in running condition, I started the engine the next day and rode a few hundred yards, which by and large went well. The Foot Starter Pedal did however not return to the initial position and the reason turned out to be a broken LH Side Reinforcement, onto which the Starter Shaft is mounted. Furthermore I noticed that most bolts and nuts were quite lose, so I decided to totally take the motorcycle apart to be sure everything would be in good shape. Besides, the plates, fenders and frame were loosely sprayed with a can, including Bowden cables and a few other things. Under the new spray a hard layer of, I assume, powder coat, was found.


A PPL is born.
Breaking the motorcycle down to pieces gave me the opportunity to take photographs and measurements and to build the Model A Pictorial Parts List, which is the core of this website.

I have been able to trace back part the history of my British Neracar Model A with frame number S2412 and engine number 2173. In short:

On January 25, 1923, the motorbike was registered for the first time to Olive Cornes, 22 Ernest Street, Crewe. The registration number was MB1218.

Later on, it was registered to John C. Chittendon, 34 Grey Street, Hull. Expiry date of ‘last’ licence: December 31, 1953.

The ‘Certificate of permanent export’ no 674447 shows for ‘Registered keeper’s name and address’: Collectors autodos LTD, 41 Palmerston Road, Bournemouth, BH1 4JJ’ and for ‘Date of acquisition by registered keeper’ 24-06-1999. The registration mark was PR71A.

In Holland the regulations were changed overnight, resulting in the fact that registration could not take place if there were no original registration papers with the vehicle. Fortunately this was reverted back and finally in January 2011 my Neracar became the proud owner of registration number ZF-60-81.

For more complete references to the Neracar see:
The book "Neracar, Ken Philp reveals the untold story"



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